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3 Feb

5 Ways to Pamper Your Hair & Promote Growth

Let this year be all about taking care of YOU. The hustle and bustle of life can often let you forget such a simple thing. Pamper your tresses with a few of these treatments to help to promote hair growth while stimulating your senses as well.


Luxury Scalp Massage

There is nothing like enjoying a day at the spa for a full body massage to detox and relax the muscles and joints. When you think of full body there is one area that is neglected: the head and its scalp. Just like massages are beneficial to the limbs the stimulating movements are great for the scalp too. According to The Huffington Post scalp massages can reduce stress and uplift your mood, creates a healthy environment for hair growth, and stimulates blood flow to the skin and hair. Combine these benefits with aroma therapy and you’ll have a Zen experience. Find a local spa in your area and set up an appointment with a massage therapist for a specialized scalp treatment ASAP!


Stimulating Cinnamon Hair Masque

Have you ever turned to the spice cinnamon for your hair care needs? Probably not, but there are a few good reasons why you may want to start using a cinnamon hair masque (but only if there are no associated food allergies for anyone out there). A cinnamon hair mask can improve circulation to the scalp while strengthening the hair bulb, which is the root from where hair grows, due to the spice’s nutrients. Cinnamon has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight against dandruff as well as dry and itchy scalp symptoms. Think of the cinnamon hair masque as a deep cleaning, bacteria fighting, and stimulating treatment.


Herbal Hair Tea Rinse

Herbal teas are full of antioxidants and nutrients so its time to put those benefits to good use for your MANE as well. The caffeine in both green and black tea help reduce the hair’s shedding by blocking DHT (dihydrotestorone) which causes premature hair fall and the hair follicle to miniaturize. Green tea acts as a natural exfoliator by minimizing the build up of dead skin associated with dandruff and psoriasis. With black tea it helps to strengthen and thicken the hair. To make your hair tea rinse brew 2 cups of water and allow the tea bags to steep for 5-15 minutes. Let the tea cool down and after your hair is shampooed slowly pour the tea over your hair.


Brush Stimulation

You won’t believe how helpful stroking the scalp with a brush is to promoting hair growth. Have you ever seen an old fashioned film where the woman sits in front of her vanity and brushes her hair in the mirror before going to bed? The women during the earlier time eras took beauty and self care very seriously from their skin care routine to their gorgeous and flowing hair. Not only does brushing the scalp circulate blood flow but it also helps to distribute the hair’s natural oils throughout the hair. On top of that, brushing the scalp loosens up any dandruff or build up on the scalp an allows the nutrients from hair care products to penetrate the scalp. Keep the Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush on your vanity stand so you to can get the blood flowing to your scalp before going to bed each night.


Open Up with Steam

I can’t stress enough how big of a difference a hair steamer will make when added to your routine. Investing in a hair steamer like the Q-Redew will help the hair maintain its moisture even during a harsh season like winter. Your hair will be more hydrated, have increased luster, experience less shedding and breakage, plus it can help low and high leveled porous hair to have a balanced absorbency rate. It will change the life of your hair seriously!


Who’s excited to go and give these new treatments a try? Go ahead and step out of the ordinary when caring for your hair and watch your hair flourish!

Marisa Peal

Marisa Peal is a writer from Philadelphia, cosmetologist, and hair consultant who is a lover of natural kinks, beauty culture, and an undercover foodie. You can find her featured on Ebony.com, TXTURE Magazine, Sisterofthestrand.com + TalkingTexture.com. Check out her work at www.Organixlocs.com. 

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  • TresseNoire

    Nice post Marisa! Brush stimulation… it’s more than just relaxation, its therapeutic!

    March 5, 2017 at 5:05 am Reply

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